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When my doctor looked at my x-rays and told me that both knees were bone on bone I was concerned about going thru the surgery for Total Knee Replacement. I talked to Nick at Nosek PT we discussed how to get the best results from the surgery. Nick suggested that we start PT one month prior to the surgery to get my knees in shape. The doctor came in after the surgery on the first knee and said he could not believe what a difference it made to do the PT prior to surgery. He couldn’t believe I was walking all around the hospital floor on the day of Surgery.

I did the second knee 3 months after the first one with the same results. The doctor told me that the surgery is 40% of the recovery and PT is 60%, so I made a commitment at that time that I would do all the follow up PT as needed.

Nick and Mary and the crew at Nosek PT did an excellent job helping with my recovery. I now have 2 knees that have a full range of motion and absolutely no Pain.

I have since sent several people to Nosek PT as i know they will get the best professional service.

Bruce L.

I want to thank you for the endless hours that you have put into my care. I was able to stand up on my kite surfing board and go for a run! So I just want to let you all know how thankful and grateful I am to have had all of your support! Nick, without you I would still be nursing a bad knee. Now I can handle a 12 meter kite and sometimes the board! I am thrilled! Life can’t get much better!

Leanna L.

Best Physical Therapy care I’ve ever experienced! Great people and staff!

Doris M.

Great place to have Physical Therapy! Professional, caring, friendly and thorough!

Mimi F.

I am truly fortunate to have been referred to Nosek & Associates Physical Therapy on four separate occasions…broken bone in my foot, plantar fasciitis, left shoulder injury and low back pain. In each case except my back, per my doctor’s recommendation, I would probably need surgery. At the end of my physical therapy treatments, Nick, Mary and their team are beautifully trained, educating the patient before, during and after treatment about the various therapies necessary for each specific injury. Additionally, Nick can help counsel you regarding the rules of current insurance coverage. You can count on their honesty. Plus there is a lot of levity and friendliness between their team and patients making their schedule much less of an effort. Thank you!

Terry F.

I went to Nosek and Associates Physical Therapy after having seen another local physical therapist for months as well as a chiropractor with no results. I had pain in my neck and shoulders due to repetitive stress injury (computer and bike use). The pain was getting in the way of my life, affecting my work and car driving, and ability to enjoy social occasions. Nick and Mary both assessed my issue and came up with a treatment plan. Within weeks, Nick and Mary were able to accomplish much more than 6 months of prior therapy when it came to alleviating my pain and improving my quality of life. They also explained to me what was going on with my muscles and nerves, why my neck is prone to musculoskeletal strain based on the build of my body, how to modify my desk and bike setup to avoid further strain, and how to keep up my exercise routine when discharged from physical therapy at their office so that I could stay pain free.

Over the last 8 years, I have been back to Nosek and Associates several times for other injuries and my husband has gone to them when he had low back pain and after shoulder surgery. Each time we were patients, we both received excellent treatment, were educated about how to take care of ourselves, and knew we were in great hands. The atmosphere in the office is very positive and energetic. All of their staff is very professional, helpful, and caring. Even scheduling was very easy. All this made my treatment something that I looked forward to rather than a chore! 

I refer all of my friends to Nosek and Associates. I believe that it is because of their specialized treatment and extensive knowledge I have never needed any invasive techniques or surgeries to deal with my muscle and nerve pain issues. Thank you!

Ami W.

I injured my lower back and could not lift my right leg more than 1 inch off the ground. Pain was a constant and unwelcome companion. The moment I was evaluated and began my treatment at Nosek & Associates PT, I knew I was working with exceptional, competent and caring individuals. My confidence in them made it easy to trust their plan of action. From the front office, the PT Aides and The Noseks (Nick and Mary), they were always encouraging and helpful to get me on the road to recovery. I highly recommend Nosek & Associates Physical Therapy for your rehabilitation requirements.

Kim H.

Eight years ago, after unsuccessful treatment by many other Physical Therapists, I finally found the Noseks. I had spent 9 months totally incapacitated from a back injury. I got my life back the day I walked into their office. From that first day, I finally had a therapist who expertly identified my problem and knew exactly what to do. I was so amazed when I gradually worked my way back to everyday living and taking care of my family and enjoying life again. After my previous PT attempts, I had thought that normal living would never be a possibility for me. Not only I, but my whole family is eternally grateful to the Nosek’s! Due to the chronic nature of my physical problems I continue to seek treatment from them every now and then for a ‘tune-up’. Every time, I am amazed at how quickly they identify the problem and then formulate a solution. And then I wonder why I waited so long to go back! Their knowledge and personal attention are not something you find anywhere else.

Mary S.

After my initial evaluation, Nick knew precisely what was wrong with me. My case was more complicated than what was originally thought and through communication with my doctors, Nick devised a treatment plan that actually worked. Little by little I began to see improvements, and while I was content at each level I attained, Nick wasn’t. He constantly devised new challenges that would take me further than I had thought possible. And now I can say with absolute certainty that I wouldn’t be where I am today–walking, recovered and fully capable of living my life – had it not been for Nick and Mary. They are truly gifted physical therapists, whose success rate with even the most complex cases (of which I am one) is amazing.

I couldn’t think more highly of Nick and Mary. In addition to their expertise, they (and their entire office staff) are wonderfully personable, kind and encouraging. I am so grateful my friend recommended them to me… because without them, I have no idea where I would be right now (and am thankful that I’ll never have to know).

Jennifer P.