Balance Training / Fall Prevention

Conditions That Commonly Require Balance Training:

  • Age-Related Balance Disorders
  • Chronic Low Back Pain/Sciatica
  • Hip/Knee/Ankle injuries
  • Muscle Weakness/Atrophy
  • Neuropathy
  • Nerve Injuries

Treatment for Balance Disorders

Balance disorders are very important to address and treat with the help of our physical therapists. Increasing patient safety at home and in the community is critical for avoiding falls and preventing re-injury. Each patient condition is unique and brings with it specific challenges and difficulties. As a result, our physical therapists will conduct a personalized evaluation of your condition and develop an individualized treatment plan.

The first thing your doctor will do if you have a balance problem is determining if another health condition or a medication is to blame. If so, your doctor will treat the condition, suggest a different medication, or in many cases, refer you to our office for balance or fall prevention training.

Education is Therapy

The most important part of treating a balance disorder is understanding your diagnosis, the cause of the problem, and how to manage it. That's why we place great emphasis on patient education and coordination of care with your referring physician.

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