Bike Fit

  • Are you tired of hurting after going on a ride?
  • Tried all the bike shop professionals “bike fit” with minimal results?
  • Medical Bike Fit might be for you!

As a Physical Therapist and avid cyclist, I look at the body-on-bike performance from an additional perspective: Joint, Muscle, and Integrative Biomechanics. More often than not our bodies have a laundry list of recovered and/or ongoing injuries. It is unreasonable to expect our body to perform optimally if the body part does not have appropriate:

  • flexibility
  • ROM (range of motion)
  • strength (power and endurance)
  • biomechanics

Bike fit for the person with chronic back, neck, or knee pain is significantly different than a bike fit for a pain-free person. Incorrect postures on the bike can directly irritate chronic conditions into an acute status and ultimately force you off your bike!