Postural / Biomechanics Training

Whether you are "planes, trains or automobiles" or just sitting at your desk all day, muscle fatigue sets in and affects your posture. Slouched postures are common while eating, watching TV, standing, and carrying/lifting children. Most of our daily activities take place in front of our body which tightens chest and leg muscles and weakens shoulder blade and back muscles. Poor posture that continues for long periods of time (weeks to years), can create headaches, neck pain, shoulder/elbow/wrist pain, and tingling/numbness in the arms, hands, and legs.

Our physical therapists incorporate postural training, exercises and education as a major component of your overall rehabilitation. Using principles of motor learning applied to functional exercise training, exercises can be performed while lying, sitting, standing and walking. The goal is to improve your strength, coordination and postural stability for a better life!