About Us

Mission Statement

To provide the community with superior Physical Therapy services with the goal of restoring function and ultimately improving each individual's quality of life.

Nosek & Associates Physical Therapy was established in January 2006 by a husband a wife team, Nicholas and Mary Nosek, PT. With 40 combined years of experience as Physical Therapists in orthopedic outpatient rehabilitation, Nicholas and Mary Nosek have established a clinical setting emphasizing superior care in a family oriented environment.

Nosek & Associates Physical Therapy focuses on a thorough patient evaluation to determine the patient's individual physical therapy needs.

All treatment is provided by licensed practitioners (PT/PT Assistant) and our goal is to develop a clinical relationship with the patient.

By establishing a trusting relationship with the patient we are more successful in teaching the patient strategies of health management and higher home exercise compliance, all leading to quicker goal achievement.

Creating a long term professional relationship with the patient for their physical health management is Nosek & Associates Physical Therapy's goal.

Nosek & Associates Physical Therapy is equipped with a highly adaptable gym to suit a variety of rehabilitation needs.